This is a blog about faith and culture as the subtitle or tagline states. It is my hope that this blog will serve to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all areas of life and will glorify God.

It is my prayer that you who read this blog may be blessed by these posts and comments that others add and by sorting out your thoughts on issues of faith and culture as well. Though this blog may contain content that is designed to be read by those who are Christian, all are welcome to read this blog. I do ask that you please treat everyone with respect, courtesy, and grace. There might be posts or comments you strongly disagree with and feel the need to post a retaliatory comment and I strongly discourage you from doing so or even contemplating so for that matter (if you do post such a comment, it will be deleted). It is okay to disagree and I think there is something great about those who can disagree and remain in the bond of Christian unity (or if not a Christian, then remain friends). I will try to check this blog as frequently as I can and acknowledge as many comments as I can. However, if the occasion arises that I do not respond to a question or comment, please forgive me and I will try to respond to all comments when I can.

One does not have to be a biblical scholar or theologian to comment to a post, so please feel free to respond to various questions raised in posts or that simply come to your attention while reading. Thanks.

Why the title? Read the first post or simply google it (hint: it is a hymn title).