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I’ve never been a huge video game guy myself, however, I did have a healthy interest in tasteful Atari and Nintendo games when I was a kid. The Nintendo stuck and as it was updated from the original to Gameboy to Super Nintendo to Nintendo 64 I retained my interest in Nintendo, though my interest in games really peaked with Nintendo 64. My favorite game growing up was Zelda. The early Zelda games were fun, but in my opinion, far and away the best Zelda game ever made was Nintendo 64’s ‘Zelda: Ocarina of Time.’ Now, I did spend my fair share of time playing 007 on N64, as most everyone has, but Zelda has always been my favorite.

Zelda is a game full of beautiful images, sounds, creatures, and worlds. It is back to Medieval times, but also off to a fantasy world. It is a world where you don’t simply go around killing things, but a world where you explore and experience the fullness of a quest. I enjoy the quest itself, but also the puzzles along the way that have to be figured out in the game in order to move forward. It can be frustrating for some, how cerebral the game can be. However, it is rewarding.

Also, there is the joy of fishing and riding a horse and using a cross-bow in a video game world which though not at all real, is somehow quite enjoyable.

My favorite part of Zelda and perhaps something that makes it better than any other game for me is that when you play the game Zelda you defeat a foe/boss and move to another location. However, unlike other games you typically aren’t through with a location after you have defeated the enemy. You have unlocked something and can move to another area, but only later you find you are required to return to that old area you’ve already mastered for something else.

When you return to the old area, you find that everything is similar to what you remember, but there is either something a little different about the place or there is some sort of treasure hidden away that you never were able to ascertain before.

It is a lot like when you read the Bible. You go to a given text and read it, and then you move on to something new and different. Though, many will not linger long within a text and take with them the mentality that they have mastered a text after having read it and moved on, they are missing something truly magnificent in so doing. Part of the beauty of God’s word is a lot like the beauty of the game Zelda: Ocarina of Time or any Zelda game for that matter. You read a text and move on with living life, but as you experience life with God and seek to live life by faith you find yourself going back to those old texts you have read time and time again and finding new treasures hidden within them that you never thought existed or perhaps you knew they were there but you didn’t know how to get to them. It is as if something has been “unlocked” for you and you are able to understand just a little bit more this time around.

This is not meant to be a long post and is the beginning of my attempt at brevity, however, I encourage all of you reading this to go to the Scriptures and dwell in the text, read them through thoroughly, strive to walk by faith, and return to those same texts you’re familiar with. This is not to say you should only go to those texts, you’re missing the point if you think that’s what I’m saying here. Go back to the words you think you know and the stories you thought you’ve mastered. You will find that the Holy Spirit reveals new, hidden treasures which are revealed as if a secret passageway in a fantasy world has been opened and you will be breathless as you marvel at what God shows you.

Go to the Word, and when you are through, go to it again.

Amen. Amen.