The following link is to the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary magazine Contact which is published quarterly featuring articles by faculty and alumni. This particular issue is on the subject of ethics. I have not always found these magazines to be chock full of great reading, however, this one is an exception. Read it! It’s great and there are some great issues discussed. The link below should take you to the site where you can read it or download it for free.

This issue features a variety of subjects around the theme of ethics in a post-Christian society.

The purpose of this blog as has been mentioned in the past is not to spout off various thoughts about mundane aspects of my own personal life as some blogs might do, but it rather to be a place to discuss issues of faith and culture. There have been a couple posts on biblical justice and this post certainly goes along with those in the sense that as Christians it is not expected that we choose to help others and fight for biblical justice as one might choose which drink to order while waiting in line at a Starbucks, but we as Christians have the RESPONSIBILITY to “… do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.”

I am repeating this because I believe many Protestant evangelicals fail to take this seriously. I know that I have to constantly work to take these matters seriously and not be individualistic in the midst of the individualistic society that we live in today.

That said, I pray you do read some of the articles in the this magazine and discuss what you agree with or disagree with or what you simply found to be interesting/insightful.

grace & peace,